The Belted Bag Fashion Trend!

August 18, 2018


Happy Saturday peeps! We've all have seen and even worn the fanny pack, for me I've never thought of them as an attractive accessory to pair with clothing. To me it just seemed tacky, maybe because it came from the 80's era where some clothing back then was just bright and tacky lol! I loved the 80's as in music, but some of the fashion no no for me. It was the little bag you can clip to your waist and put your necessities in also to be hands free from carrying anything on your shoulders. 




Many celebrities are embracing this trend from Kendall Jenner, Jimmy Kimmel, Fergie, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky to name a few.


 Rihanna rocked out this belted bag with a cute outfit to match where she attened the Chanel fashion show.


 The Belted Bag today can be worn with some awesome fashion from casual jeans to suits, body suits and also dresses. It's cool that the fanny pack has gotten a really pretty upgrade from where it use to be. The come in many colors to go with your outfits. They  vary in many sizes from small to large, also you can wear them across your shoulders as seen in fashion shows. Wear them over blazers or coats this coming Fall and Winter to the office or retro it out with vintage dresses, casual shorts with t- shirts and tennis shoes. Brands such as Micheal Kors,  Steve Madden & Calvin Klein  to name a few carry them.




So if you're in doubt about wearing these upgraded bags, don't be because they are made even better and look more attractive then their old name 'The Fanny Pack'. Have a great Saturday and I hope you've enjoyed this fashion post.

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