This short simple 7-Step Manifeting Guide includes journal pages for writing out your intentions. In this journal you will find how easy it is to set intentions and manifest anything that your heart desires. When manifesting, you want to find a nice quiet place with no distractions. Remove all doubts from your mind and make sure that the mind is clear from clutter. Relax and take a deep breath and allow the universe to work in your favour. Record your intentions daily, it is like adding to a story. Think of it as if it has already happened. Always remember to keep your vibrational frequency high. If your mind gets distracted, take a note, remove it from your mind if possible and continue.

This guide features:

100 pages

Size Journal is 6 x 9 inches

Beautiful self illustrated cover

Step by step guide to manifesting your goals

This guide also has prayers and affirmations to help with manifesting. This is a great way to learn if you are not sure how the universe works. Believe that this will work for you and most importantly, make sure that your dreams are realistic. Have fun with it!